Get crafty! 20 free craft projects you can download right now!

Get crafty! 20 free craft projects you can download right now!

When you’re trying to save cash, things can be a tad tough! Crafting is a fun and, most importantly, cheap way to spend your time and make stuff for your friends and family. What’s more, it can be super cheap. You don’t have to head out and buy a crafting bible. Oh no, there are loads of free printables and tutorials online that will do the trick. Here are just 20 of them. Enjoy!

1. Sock Elephants

If you’ve got small children or just want to make a cheap gift for someone special, this is the idea for you. All you need is some old socks (okay, maybe ‘new’ socks would be better!), some stuffing, and a needle and thread. You should, of course, have a little sewing experience before you try this for yourself. But, if you ever did textiles at school, you should have no problem!

Download the pattern at Craft Passion

2. Printable leaf bunting

Of course, one of the best things about being crafty is that you can decorate places for next to nothing. If you’re hosting a kids’ party anytime soon, here’s something that you don’t want to miss out on. The printable leaf cards from the Wild Olive blog are 100% free! Woohoo. What’s more, you can use lace or string to thread them together in mere minutes. All in all, this project should take no more than a few minutes.

Download the printable at Wild Olive

3. Cute owl bookmarks

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids, you may just have found it! If your little ones love reading, they need a bookmark. Luckily, you can print off a cool owl design mark online for the grand sum of nothing at all! You will, of course, need to cut the bookmark out and laminate it yourself. (If you don’t have a laminator at home, you can always use tape instead.)
Download the printable at Crazy Little Projects

4. Geometric colouring heart

4As you probably know, colouring in is not just for kids anymore. If you happen to be stressed out or just need some time to yourself, there’s no shame in taking some time to colour. Rather than forking out for a ‘mindful colouring book’, why not just print a page instead? This Geometric heart looks arty and less childish than other pages. Why not give it a go?

Download the printable at Delineate Your Dwelling

5. Map envelopes


Let’s face it, envelopes can be pretty… boring. If you’re the type who still sends letters, we’ve got a treat for you. The map envelope printable is a fun little project that just about anyone can do at home. All you need to do is print off the template and then do some careful folding and gluing. It honestly should not take too long! Once you’re finished, you will have a snazzy little envelope with a cute map printed on it.

Download the printable at Craft Found

6. Root beer float straw charms

Why just drink when you can drink in style, eh? If you’re planning on throwing a party anytime soon, these straw charms might just be for you. All you need to do to complete this project is print off the pictures, cut them out, and punch a hole into them. You can then thread the charms onto your straws. That way, each of you will know which drink is which. If you worry about people stealing your drink (I mean, who doesn’t?), this is the craft project for you.

Download the printable at Wild Olive

7. Jar candles


If you’ve got some old jam jars or the like lying around, why not make use of them? No, we don’t mean that you should just recycle them. Oh no, there is a much better way to use these things. Why not make your very own jar candles? Now, I will admit that this craft project is not for beginners. You will need to know what you’re doing before you start. Still, the following blog has an easy step-by-step guide.

Find the instructions at Tidbits

8. Creeper From Minecraft


Here’s one for all the video game fans out there. I shouldn’t have to tell you what a massive deal Minecraft is — we all know that too well! Here’s a little paper-folding project that you might just like. Basically, you just need to download the template (resize it to the size you want or need), cut it out, and fold it. Once you’ve finished, you will have your very own creeper character that you can display proudly in your home.

Download the printable at Instructables

9. Cactus pincushion

6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c7a904f5970b-800wiIf you’re a keen sewer, you will love this nifty little craft project. Sadly, this is one for people who already know how to sew — sorry! You will need some felt (which you can get from craft shops), a glue gun, a needle, and a few other little extras. This one will take a whole load of concentration, but once you’re finished, you will have an uber cute cushion.

Find the instructions at A Beautiful Mess

10. Hanging paper lanterns


Home decor can often be super expensive which is a massive pain for most of us. If you’re looking to revamp a space without it costing you too much, you may like this little project. You can easily make some cheap hanging paper lanterns for your home. The guide from Wild Olive is as easy as can be and the results are just so sweet!

Find the instructions at Wild Olive

11. Moving zombies


Are you a real horror fan? Well, who isn’t? If you want to make something that kids and adults will love alike, you will like this project. This foldable project is much the same as ones you’ve seen before but you will need something extra to make it move! You will have to grab yourself a Fizzbit module (which you can pick up for pennies online). Once you have one, you can fit it in your foldable zombie to give it life.

Download the printable at Instructables

12. Jazz up your old trainers


If you have some old white trainers (or sneakers as the Americans say!) lying around, why not try this? Brit + Co have published a really easy step-by-step guide that will help you jazz up your shoes. If you’re feeling a little experimental with your style right now, this is certain to be a whole load of fun. After all, what have you go to lose?

Read the tutorial at Brit + Co

13. 3D calendar


Why use a boring old calendar or, indeed, your phone one when you can have a 3D one instead? You read that right! You can make your very own 3D foldable calendar easily. What’s more, now is the perfect time to do it since each one is for just six months of the year; you can make the second half of the project and use it for the rest of 2017. Genius.

Download the printable at A Piece of Rainbow

14. Triangle prism necklace


Of course, geometric necklaces have been a massive trend for quite some time now! Why bother paying over the odds for one of these beauties when you can make one for yourself? If you’ve never tried your hand at jewellery making before now, this could very well be the project for you. It’s straightforward but beware it does take a whole load of patience. You’ve been warned.

Get the instructions at The Merry Thought

15. Pocket tee


Upcycling your clothes is a great way to save yourself some money while also making your wardrobe look super unique. Don’t worry if you’re no fashionista… You really don’t need to be for this project. Adding a cute patterned pocket to a plain white tee will make the top look en vogue. What’s more, there’s NO sewing in this project — you just use fabric glue. Easy.

Download the pattern and get instructions at Oh the Lovely Things

16. Under the sea puppets


Fancy putting on a puppet show for your kids? Well, you don’t have to rush out the door and buy some from the shop. Instead, you can make your own. All you need to do is use the printable (below), some card, and some small sticks. In just a matter of minutes, you will have a whole array of characters to play with.

Download the printable at Lia Griffith

17. Mandala colouring page


Here’s another one for anyone looking to take up this whole colouring trend. You can download yourself a free printable mandala page online. It takes no time at all. Print out a few of these beauties and you can colour away until your heart’s content. Of course, you will need to make sure that you have some crayons too… Because every fully grown adult needs crayons.

Download the printable at Dabbles and Babbles

18. Smoking kills model


Have you recently quit smoking? Well, this may just be the craft project for you. If you never want to return to the dark side, why not make yourself a little reminder that you can pop on your shelves? The ‘smoking kills’ model is super easy to make and won’t take you too long at all.

(Note: The model was originally created by Julius Perdana  for World No Tobacco Day in 2010, but you can download the template so long as you agree to the t&cs!)

Download the printable at Paper Replika

19. Spider giftwrap


The next time you’re wrapping presents, don’t bother buying expensive wrapping paper. Instead, you can just print some online. (Obviously, you have to consider the fact that ink costs money too… So, weigh up your options here.) There are loads of options online so it’s worth taking a look around. One of the best ones is this spider giftwrap (below).

Download the printable at The Little Monster

20. Printable cookie pouch


What could be better than some freshly baked cookies? Some freshly baked cookies in a homemade pouch — that’s what! Just print the following printable design onto some card and use it to wrap up all your baked treats. This will make a perfect (and cheap!) gift for just about everyone. Because, everyone loves cookies.

Download the printable at Design Eat Repeat

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