How this guy travelled the world for ‘free’ in first class

How this guy travelled the world for ‘free’ in first class

Scott Keyes (28 years old) has been to 30 countries — this next trip will make that count 42 — and flown 354,000 miles or roughly 14.3 times around the earth but he’s done this for effectively free (excluding airport taxes).

The key, he said, is flexibility.

Scott uses various tools (like the ones listed below) to keep an eye on bargain flights, mistake pricing and then used both his frequent flyer points + various credit cards to reduce those prices down further.

With 25 different credit cards it shows the commitment that needs to be done and it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted – these cards/accounts offer various perks/freebies etc, however the most important one is an American Express Platinum card with an annual fee of $450 (which of course he got on a deal for free for the first year).

Annoyingly this seems to most be US based Credit Cards that offer such perks and it seems these frequent flyer points are being built up from work trips etc which means it’s going to be harder for you and I to do it but all is not lost as you can still find some amazing trips across the world.

✈ Our tips on securing a bargain flight:

“It’s not necessarily easy or intuitive for beginners,” he told Business Insider about finding bargain flights. “But the good news is that because if you do a little bit of leg work — learn how to get a few miles and how to use them well — you can start to travel really, really well.”

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