How to get freebies when you mess with companies (especially when they make mistakes)

How to get freebies when you mess with companies (especially when they make mistakes)

TikToker Conajam_ (Matt) shows how you can pounce on a company’s mistake and grab some freebies along the way, of course, your experience may vary but it’s worth a go right, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

The video is below but here is what happened:

  1. A bike-sharing system (think Santander / Boris bikes) emails everyone on their network with details of their past 30 days of travel
  2. However, in the email, they write hours instead of minutes.
  3. For most people, you wouldn’t seriously care and would just delete the email.
  4. However, Matt took this opportunity to write a (funny) email to their customer services, it reads:

Hello Divvy/Chicago Bike Share,
Pardon my language but what the heck! As the self proclaimed Divvy King of
Chicago, I pride myself on my Divvy stats. After YOU informed me that I’d biked
over 200 hours in just one month, I immediately told my family and friends, well,
friend, Imagine my embarrassment, nay, SHAME when I had to correct my lie. To
right this wrong I would like to be recognized as the Official Divvy King of Chicago
A plaque, shirt, trophy, anything that spreads my legacy would be appreciated. I
trust you will do the right thing,
With Sincerity,

The company sent him a free t-shirt, but they could have potentially sent him free credit or some other bonus.

Do you think it’s worth doing with other companies?

Let us know in the comments


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