10ways to Save Money on Your Flights…

10ways to Save Money on Your Flights…

This is a guest post by Sunshine Stacey.

Don’t fix your dates…

Flying on quiet days (e.g. midweek) often will get you the best flight prices, if you’re planning a City Break check out flights on Tuesday and Wednesday.
For longer holidays don’t just search for 7 or 14 nights, more often than not you will find that 8, 9 or 11 nights can often work out cheaper!

Combine Airlines…..

We’re all very used to using just one airline when choosing a flight, instead try one airline for your outbound flight and another for your inbound/return flight – you can save massive amounts.Use

Use Skyscanner or Momondo to search the dates that you want, this tool will combine airlines for you if the price is cheaper!


Open-jaw flights (aka Mix & Match your airports)

“open-jaw” means to fly from one airport and then return to another, this is perfect for those living near multiple airports e.g. Liverpool & Manchester or London Heathrow & London Gatwick etc.

Baggage is expensive …

Do you really need a suitcase each?  Try sharing a suitcase and/or fully utilising your cabin baggage allowance, it could save you hundreds!
Ryanair will try to change you between £25-£50 for a checked in suitcase weighing 15kg… BUT you can take 10kg on the plane for free.. is it worth paying the extra for £5 more and the inconvenience of waiting around for the luggage belt? Note luggage allowance varies depending on airlines, Easyjet for example have no weight restrictions on luggage allowance but their bag size requirements are slightly smaller than other airlines.

Reusable Plastic Bottles…


Grab yourself some of these refillable plastic bottles next time you’re in Poundland [or eBay], even if you don’t use them again you will be getting your monies worth..

Airport Security will no longer allow liquids over 75ml through to the check-in gates, for years I would buy my toiletries at the Airport [e.g. via Boots Click & Collect] or once I arrived at my destinations but I’ve saved loads since discovering these bad boys, it also means you don’t have to go out and buy nice new stuff for your travels, you can just fill up your bottles with whatever you’ve got in the bathroom!

Book Together…


If you’re planning a trip with pals then make sure you book your flights together, particularly with Easyjet who give you a discount on their charges… the more that fly the cheaper the flight per person goes…

Airport Parking…

Book this as far in advance as possible, the price goes up and not down the closer you get… check out sites such as Groupon or Wowcher for great airport parking deals.

Think Ahead

Don’t just book the cheapest airport…. Think carefully before you book your flight.. you may spot that a flight is cheaper from say Birmingham that it is from East Midlands.. look at the bigger picture, transport to/from the airport may cost more or airport parking might be double at this airport.

Take Your Own Food


It’s all well and good saying “I can go without a meal on the plane” but when that trolley starts to move you’re guaranteed your belly will start rumbling.. the prices are extortionate so be prepared… take something with you, grab a meal deal in Boots at the Airport for £3 which will include a sandwich, a snack and drink!

Weight and Save

My biggest bugbear is getting stuck behind the people in the queue that didn’t bother to weight their cases… you know they’re about to get sent to the information desk to pay their excess but they still argue for 15 minutes!!
Be prepared and avoid extra fees… grab some cheap luggage scales which you can pick up at most pound stores or Amazon.

Happy Hols <3

sunshineThis article is a guest article written by Sunshine Stacey. Stacy has helped tens of thousands of people get cheap flights, jaw-dropping package holidays etc. She helped build & manage one of the largest holiday sites in Europe but now has gone it alone and started her own website.

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