The girls that make £200,000 a year

The girls that make £200,000 a year

WARNING: At no point do we condone this, however we know more and more people are looking at these ‘jobs’ due to the sheer quantity of money on offer so it’s important that we show people the true story to ensure anyone that is interested knows the risks up front.

We repeat, we do not condone this or recommend it at all. 

Women & men are now turning to the internet to become high paid, high class ‘escorts’ or ‘call boys’ without the middleman (aka the pimp). Clients are willing to pay as much as £500-£5000 for an evening, this can involve going out for dinner, having a few cocktails and then generally……. sex or it can be a lot less of the foreplay (for want of a better word) and just be pure sex.

3RD WARNING: There are PLENTY of alternative ways to earn money, we’re not saying this is a valid method, we’re simply showing some of the facts. Remember lots of places WILL help you if you’re struggling for money, DO NOT contemplate this as quick fix solution to a problem!

We watched the Channel 4 documentary ‘High Class Call Girls’ and this is what we learned from it + some more info we found from other sources. Please note this is our opinion & our thoughts might be wrong, if you have any comments please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post.

Getting paid for sex? Surely that’s called prostitution which is illegal in the UK right?
Well no it seems not, “The act of prostitution is not in itself illegal – but a string of laws criminalises activities around it.” For instance it’s illegal to operate a brothel, to loiter or solicit sex on the street, kerb-crawling, human traffic + general laws which can often be used to target the sex trade (e.g. public nuisance and decency).

Now it must be noted that escorts are generally different to the typical prostitute that you see in the movies standing on the side of a street corner, often charging £30-£50 for sex, with generally less or no requirements on who it’s with. These ‘high class’ escorts have minimum requirements, request confirmation of identity, have higher payment requirements etc, presumably in the hope of removing some of the risk from the process.

It seems the one thing that the majority of these escorts are seeking are ‘Sugar Daddys’, these are generally men who financially support younger companions, they’re even known to pay for cars, student loans & holidays however this is typically in exchange for sexual favours. Often these are successful rich business men who are interested in pleasing younger women, in other words they’re not men who have just left the pub and fancy a shag to end the evening for £50.

The possible negatives:

  • You’re being paid to have sex, just think about that for a moment.
  • Mental and potentially physical scars.
  • The obvious risks of meeting strangers who generally want to have sex with you.
  • “Its so easy to spend your money because you don’t appreciate the amount of money that you get, you get thousands of pounds and then you just spend it and you think that’s going to happen for the rest of your life. It doesn’t, one day you’re going to wake up and be like….what the fuck do I have…” – Cookie Jane
  • Entertaining people which leads to sex will most likely also lead to drinking alcohol and potential drug use/abuse.
  • It might be a lot of money at the moment but longterm spread over your whole career it probably averages to a pretty standard wage.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, HIV etc
  • Rape, assault etc
  • The industry revolves around body image, it would seem you’re more likely to get plastic surgery to stay looking younger to continue your ‘career’, which presumably could lead to future complications with your body. You just have to visit any celebrity news website or read any gossip magazine to see horror stories of surgery going wrong.
  • Desensitised to love.
  • No guaranteed pay.
  • It seems that lots of clients want to stay anonymous
  • Alcohol/Drugs can change even the best clients into scary ones.
  • Having to hide your career from friends, family & future family.
  • The constant risk of seeing a client outside of work
  • Having to sort out your taxable income, pay HMRC etc!
  • Multiple lives and multiple identities
  • Often violations go unreported to the Police etc, due to the nature of the business & the fact reports have to be made with your real identity

An example of the apps used

The possible benefits:

  • The money, the food, the gifts and the extras
  • ‘Unless you win the lottery you’re not going to make as much money as I do doing what I do at the level I do. I work my a*** off’ – Emily
  • The freedom of working when you want (in theory).
  • Doing something that you may enjoy.

How the girls appeared to make it safer & other ways:

  • “I will only see clients who I have verified and they are who they say they are so if anything does happen, like they come in here with a meat cleaver and try and chop my bloody head off, there’s no way of getting away with it.”
  • Using apps that have user reviews
  • Setting YOUR boundaries and requesting full details of what the client ideally wants via email, so you can approve or not
  • Judge the client on their phone/email etiquette
  • Study the profiles of the client
  • Condoms for oral & sex

Your last warning:

You need to seriously consider the LONGTERM issues you will face before even contemplating this, the ladies interviewed in the TV show said they wouldn’t allow their sisters to do it, let alone their future children. In our eyes this advice shows that deep down once you’ve put the money to one side there are longterm mental scars that are staying with the two ladies forever. We don’t know the whole truth about the industry and we can’t speak on behalf of the girls on the show but they seemed quite pleased with their career choice and certainly seemed like they were careful with who they met with however we can imagine there are still some horrible stories out there.

Warning from an escort:

“The reality is that most escorts do not enjoy their work, and are doing it solely for money. Even if a woman can enjoy it, she has to be strong enough to overcome the potential consequences of this work: the added loneliness, living a double life, the loss of touch from reality, the insecurities, being vulnerable to alcohol and drugs as a form of coping, the false facades, the rejection, the shallow values associated with money, the prospect of never trusting a monogamous relationship, the false feeling of being loved and wanted, loss of family/friends and the separation from simplicity (natural happiness). A very resilient woman can overcome these emotional stresses, yet many cannot.” – exoticescortdiary

More info/videos:

The original documentary that inspired this post

A video from: Womens Support Project

Image courtesy of Channel 4

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