Stop paying for sandwiches, 10 ways to make your homemade lunch better

Stop paying for sandwiches, 10 ways to make your homemade lunch better
  • Try dry spices in your sandwich (like paprika, chilli, garlic powder)
  • Swap lettuce for spinach, rocket or similar. Add things like onions, garlic, celery, peppers, chillis, pickles, cheese, carrots etc into sandwich


  • Butter on your bread will help stop ‘soggy bread’
  • Toast the bread or buy a sandwich toaster


  • Wash lettuce but then make sure you dry it out properly (using one of these helps)
  • Learn to make them properly e.g. bread->meat->onions->sauce->lettuce->cheese->bread – this stops the soggy greens ruining the bread
  • Make a club sandwich (extra piece of bread between), make one of those a piece of toast


  • Make your lunch the night before (or at the very least prepare the ingredients ready the night before)
  • Get good at making your own noodle broth, kettle + spices + cut up veg (or even lettuce, peas, spring onions etc) + sauce/paste + noodles = easy and healthy lunch


  • Try Soup instead! Make tons of it on a Sunday evening/afternoon, freeze it in containers. Eat up at lunch and eat with bread or tortilla.

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