Train passenger gets fined £50 for having his feet on the chair in front

Train passenger gets fined £50 for having his feet on the chair in front

We’ve all seen it happen or possibly even done it ourselves but did you know you could get a £50 fine for putting your feet on the chairs on a train?

Trinh Cuong was travelling from Ellesmere Port to Hooton near Liverpool when a train guard tapped him on the shoulder telling him he couldn’t have his feet on the seat, he then presented him with a form to fill out with his details and was told he might get a fine.

Then his boss received a letter stating Mr Cuong was summoned to court in August 2015 due to the 129-year-old by-law.

Speaking after getting a £50 fine at Bournemouth Magistrates Court, Cuong, of Ringwood, Hampshire, said: “I was shocked, I didn’t know what I had done wrong.

‘I had no idea it was something you could be fined for. I thought maybe they would give you a warning first,’ he said.
‘I paid the fine just to get it over and done with but only because it would be such a waste of my time pleading not guilty and having to go back to court to fight it. There’s no point for such a petty matter.’

“Apparently there was a sign but I hadn’t seen it because it was behind where I was sitting.

Merseyrail in the past have fined passengers, for instance in 2007 a 45 year old passenger was also fined £50


Should people be fined for putting their feet on train chairs?

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