Which 10p coins are worth the most? Check your piggy banks!

Which 10p coins are worth the most? Check your piggy banks!

In March 2018, the Royal Mint released 2.6 million new 10p coins to celebrate iconic things or place in Britain, some of these coins are now selling for quite a bit more than 10p, although your experience may vary!

How do I get the most money for a coin?

Uncirculated sometimes known as ‘Mint Condition’ is always best, this means the coin hasn’t gone in a shop till or someone’s pocket etc, it’s literally come from the Royal Mint to you or via the Post Office to you. Those in protective containers or decorative original packets should give a premium.

Can I not just buy these from the Royal Mint?

Yes, although stock often gets depleted. Royal Mint sell each 10p for £2, or you can buy the whole set for £61.90.

View the Royal Mint buying website

What exactly does each alphabet letter mean and how much is the TOP amount I can expect to earn (each link takes you to eBay sold listing for that coin)?

Note: These figures are based on eBay SOLD listings, you may end up only getting a fraction of this yourself, you might also be better off holding on to the coins for the future.

Note #2: Some of these listings are for multiple coins! 

  1. A – Angel of the North (rumoured to be the one worth the most now and in the future)
  2. B – James Bond
  3. C – Cricket
  4. D – Double Decker Bus
  5. E – English Breakfast
  6. F – Fish & Chips
  7. G – Greenwich Mean Time
  8. H – Houses of Parliament
  9. I – Ice-Cream Cone
  10. J – Jubilee
  11. K – King Arthur
  12. L – Loch Ness Monster
  13. M – Mackintosh
  14. N – National Health Service
  15. O – Oak Tree
  16. P – Post Box
  17. Q – Queuing
  18. R – Robin
  19. S – Stonehenge
  20. T – Teapot
  21. U – Union Flag
  22. V – Village
  23. W – World Wide Web
  24. X – X Marks the Spot
  25. Y – Yeoman
  26. Z – Zebra Crossing

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