$14,100 Picasso to be laser cut into 150,000 pieces, meanwhile the company doing it will make $2,250,000.00


The people behind Cards Against Humanity (this game > http://amzn.to/1M9BsQ7) recently came up with another crazy idea that not only made them a decent amount of cash ($2.25 million) but also gave them tons of free marketing (including this post).

They asked the public for $15 and 150,000 people paid, in return those people would get 8 mystery gifts, so far 3 presents have been pairs of socks (typical ‘joke’ for these guys), another was a day off for a factory’s worth of workers in China’s Pearl River Delta, and then they purchased an original 1962 lino-cut of Picasso’s “Tête de Faune.”

The Picasso artwork, worth about $14,100 is now placed on a laser cutting bench ready to be cut into 150,000 tiny squares and posted piece-by-piece to each purchaser or alternatively donated to the Art Institute of Chicago…

It’s up to the 150,000 people who paid to decide the fate!


Have 'Cards Against Humanity' gone over the line this time?

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