Never spend more than £5 on an HDMI cable (& if possible spend less than £2)

Never spend more than £5 on an HDMI cable (& if possible spend less than £2)

HDMI cables either work or they do not work.

You can’t improve the signal, picture quality etc by paying more for HDMI cables with higher specs etc.

So as long as you get an HDMI V1.4 it will be more than enough for Full HD + Ultra HD (4K) and they should never cost more than £5.

The only real difference between cables is build quality, however this really only applies if you will be moving the cable often, e.g. unplugging the cable often / taking it with you to plug in your laptop etc. So going to a £pound store and buying a cheap cable that works but won’t last a year is pointless when for £3-£5 you can get a cable that is very well built and will not only give a perfectly good signal but will last several years.

The HDMI cables we own/would recommend


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