More proof living in London is ridiculous! Guy commutes to Uni in London from Poland… (& saves a ton of money)

More proof living in London is ridiculous! Guy commutes to Uni in London from Poland… (& saves a ton of money)

Jonathan Davey looks like your standard uni student but he’s actually a travel genius.

He worked out it would cost him £220 per week to live in London and commute to university each day.

In comparison living in Poland, pre-booking all his flights to London Luton, buses to and from the airport to university and rent in Poland would cost him £2,100 PER YEAR!

So that is exactly what he did.

“I’m thousands of pounds a year better off living in Poland.”

He leaves Gdansk, Poland and flies to Luton at 6am on Wednesdays. By 10am he is sat in his first lecture.

However he does cheat a little, he is lucky to only have lectures on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings so manages to sleep in cheap hostels, on friends sofas in London on those nights and then travels back Friday. So is actually only travelling twice per week. Also when back in Poland he is staying in a hostel along with backpackers etc so slightly different to a private ‘flat’ in London but still cost effective.

My parents think I’m mad

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