Apple Refunding iTunes purchases

Apple Refunding iTunes purchases

Has someone that was unauthorised purchased in app purchases on your Apple device? We’ve seen some peoples accounts spending crazy amounts on games like ‘Clash of Clans’ etc

If so Apple may refund it! 10waysers have had £1300, £1066, £650, £169, £168, £102, £93.73, £86.92, £62.19, £10, £9.62 etc all refunded.

1) Open iTunes (on your comp) and click ‘View your purchase history’, find the items that were unauthorised and create a list of them all (yes this may take some time but worth it if you’ve got a large amount).

2) Then go to, select iTunes > iTunes Store > Purchases, Billing and Redemption > Unauthorised Purchase

3) Then speak with live chat OR email them and give them the list of purchases and explain how “it was too easy for kids to make in-app purchases” or “Refund for In-App purchase made by a minor” failing that just explain the situation.

4) Wait for confirmation and then wait for refund


– Don’t take the p*ss
– Apple will do this only once per account so if you’ve only got a few quid lost then it might be worth waiting just in case more happens over the next few months etc
– You can easily stop this by simply disabling in app purchases
– Share and like so everyone knows about it as supposedly this ends this soon (but we don’t believe that)

Thanks to Rhian & Beanie

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