13 things we use most days that cost around £15 or less

13 things we use most days that cost around £15 or less

Disclaimer: None of these companies have paid us any money to be featured, we do earn money from some links when you buy a product but this doesn’t change what we post nor the price you pay. As always you should shop around to get the lowest possible price. Non-branded alternatives may be available but we prefer well reviewed products even if they come at a slight premium.

Rocket Blower

rocketNo this isn’t a sex toy, it’s a small blower used to remove dirt from things like computer fans, electronics, cameras, keyboards, etc. Surprisingly useful.


Mr Beams Lightsmrbeams

One on the stairs, one as you walk into the bedroom and one in the bathroom. At night they turn on with motion so allow you to see without having to switch any lights on. The outside versions are good as well!


Anker USB Hubankerusb

If you have a desk setup with multiple USB drives then these little beauties are superb. We actually have the 7 port version as well which is used more but it’s £33 so doesn’t quite make the list.



Ideal to clean sticky fingers off tablets, computers, phones, monitors etc.

Buy (also check this cleaning Gel)

Command Broom Grippergrips

These stick on grippers allow you to hang brooms, mops, dusters etc to the back of any door. An ideal space saving device.



OK, so this one is a bit of cheat, it’s probably used once a month. A tile joint/grouting brush that when combined with some home DIY cleaning products lifts grout stains / mould etc.

Buy + Combine with this Mould Spray or this Bathroom Spray

MyProtein Smooth Peanut Butterpeanut-butter

Cheaper than supermarket brands with far superior quality and taste.

Buy from Amazon (cheap if buying alone) or Buy from MyProtein (cheap if buying with other products)

A 6FT (1.8M) Phone Cablecable

The single best phone accessory on the market. Grab one for your bed and one for the lounge/sofa and be amazed at how useful they’re.

Buy Apple Black / Pink | Buy Micro Black/Grey/Red USB (Android)

Phone Ball Mountphone-ball

Attach this metal plate to the back of your phone or place it between your phone and your protective case. Then fix the magnetic base to your car, bathroom mirror, gym equipment, opposite your toilet or any other suitable location (you would need to buy multiple packs). Your phone snaps to and locks to the base unit for hands-free viewing.

Just be careful if you’re placing the metal plate behind a thick phone case as the magnet may not be strong enough to fix the phone to it, causing it to drop and smash.

Also, don’t worry magnets + mobile phones aren’t an issue. Just don’t attach the magnet to anything with a moving hard drive inside (e.g. an older iPod / Laptop etc)


Goldstar ScrewsUntitled-5-Recovered

Cheap but great quality, far superior to the screws that come included in the box with most items. We have the gold version (pictured) + a silver set.


Rubber Coney Lighter With Flame Lockflame

This windproof lighter is not only useful outside the home but also inside to light candles etc. We also use it to burst the plastic air bags you get with many parcels, they don’t make a bang and pop really easily.


OXO Good Grips Y Peelerpeeler

We always thought a peeler was as good as any other peeler and a cheap £1 version did the same job as a £15 one… but then we tried this bad boy. It’s superb and effortless.

Buy (also combine it with the Mandoline)

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat – 2 Pack


Do you hate cleaning stuck on food from baking tins/trays etc? If yes then buy these, place them over your baking trays and nothing sticks + they’re super easy to clean + they’re Oven safe (obviously).


Do you have a favourite product you would like to recommend?

Add details in the comments section so others can buy.

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