Voucher-sms.com / VoucherAlerts.com 61450 SMS message SCAM

This service charges £4.50 per month for basically nothing, they text you periodically with links to a site that is basically a dead page (see screenshot below).

The website is owned by PRIME PLATFORM SOLUTIONS LTD & Samantha Ellen Margarette Leslie (as per company house records) but also appears to be linked to Mobile World Europe BV. If you get these texts follow the steps below to report them and get your money back!

Because these services don’t require you to opt in via SMS they’re full of scammers attempting to exploit the system, the PSA can force fines upon the companies that exploit these systems though but it’s important that you report them if you believe they’re fraudulent.

In the above example we never shared our phone number with anyone, nor confirmed to pay £4.50 a month but we were charged for it! After following the below steps we got out money back and have reported the company via multiple methods. If you’ve experienced similar let us know in the comments below.

We reached out to the company for comment but haven’t heard back.

How to deal with these sort of scams?

  1. Reply STOP to the number
  2. Do a number service check to find out who is contacting you and email them asking for a refund (ideally using an alias email as they obviously cannot be trusted with your real info)
  3. Contact your phone provider (e.g. Three / O2 / Vodafone etc), explain the situation and request a refund (ours gave us £9 back no questions asked and said they would complain on our behalf as well)
  4. Report the phone number to PSA (Phone-Paid Services Authority)
  5. Register with TPS
  6. Google the phone number and leave negative reviews
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