Earn £35,000 by eating ‘gloop’ for 1 year… think you could do it?

Earn £35,000 by eating ‘gloop’ for 1 year… think you could do it?

Get paid to eat food for a year… seem an ideal job until you realise that is ALL you can eat!

The powdered ‘food’ is from sunny ….. Aylesbury, where healthy smoothies aren’t the first things to spring to mind!

Contains 100% of the government-recommended nutrition that the human body needs, is vegan-friendly with no added sugar and it tastes like Vanilla Porridge which stops people wanting to overeat…

Anyway, here are the requirements to earn your £35,000 (alongside your other work commitements!!!)

  • Undertake daily video skype calls with monitoring team
  • Visit Huel headquarters in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire or Corby weekly for medical assessments
  • No alcohol allowed
  • Can only drink water, lemon water, tea, black coffee, etc but nothing with calories or sweeteners
  • No exercise (other than the 30 minutes each day specified)
  • You must have a healthy BMI and no medical conditions or eating disorders
  • Regular blood tests and body fat measurements, etc.
  • Can continue additional/current work/family commitments

Julian Hearn, founder of Huel, said

We completely understand that this is no easy feat; not many of our customer are on Huel 100% of the time, the norm is probably about 50% Huel and 50% traditional meals.

“We will be undertaking regular monitoring, but it’s important that there is complete honesty there,” he said.

“For the right person, this challenge could actually be very liberating. There was a lot of scepticism when we first launched and no doubt many people will find this an unbearable thought.

“But clearly Britons are far more interested in changing their lifestyles and habits than many initially expected.”

Huel is made from vegan protein (rice and pea), oats, flaxseed, sunflower lecithin, MCT from coconut, and a vitamin and mineral blend so at least it’s not some weird chemicals you’ve never heard of!

Apply on http://10ws.co/1URBURE


Could you eat gloop for £35,000?

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