Do you have a VHS tape worth £1,500? + 24 others worth as low as £300!

Do you have a VHS tape worth £1,500? + 24 others worth as low as £300!

Not only are old copies of Harry Potter worth money but now have got an expert investor to give us all some tips +  a large list of 25 VHS tapes that could be worth up to £1,500!

Investor tips:

  • Avoid common mainstream titles that were released on labels such as Cinema Club and 4Front, because these would have been mass produced and are worth ‘next to nothing’.
  • Aim for films that have never been released on DVD or Blu-ray and are original ex-rentals’.
  • The most valuable VHS tapes are the ones deemed as one-offs, released in small batches within the ‘video nasties’ category and on micro-budget labels such as Knockout and Trytel.
  • Pre-classification titles are generally more valuable than post-classification VHS’.

VHS’ now come under the category ‘antech’. This specifically refers to modern forms of technology that were manufactured no earlier than the 1970’s but are no longer mass produced or sold. Please refer to our Antech (Vintage Technology) page for more information.

Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (JVI) £1,500


The Beast in Heat (JVI) £1,200


Farewell Africa £600


Black Decameron £800


The Legend of Hillbilly John (Rainbow) £1,000


Journey Into Beyond (Citycenta GO) £1,000


Lemora, Lady Dracula (IFS) £900

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Don’t Open the Window (Films of the 80s) £900


Flesh Eaters (Knockout) £800


Curse Of Death (£700)


  • Betrayed (Taboo) – £1100
  • Celestine (GO) – £1100
  • Sisters Of Blood (Alpha) – £700
  • House Of Perversity (GO) – £600
  • Anthropophagus The Beats (Videoshack) – £500
  • Hitchhike To Hell (VRO) – £500
  • Devil Hunter (CineHollywood) – £500
  • Nightmare Maker [Orange Sleeve Version] (Atlantis) – £400
  • Madhouse [Alt. Sleeve] (Medusa) – £250
  • The Evil Dead [Not Guilty sleeve version] (Palace) – £200
  • The Love Butcher (Intervision) – £200
  • Eegah (Trytel) – £500
  • Cannibal Man (Intervision) – £500
  • Gallery Of Horror (Trytel) – £500
  • Tomb Of The Undead (Trytel) – £300

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