10 super cheap pranks to get your mates

1) Gumtree Prank

Add a listing on Gumtree for ‘Free Beer – due to being out of date’ and insert your mates phone number, place the listing in a large city and boom! Probably against 1 or 2 T&Cs.

2) Upside down room

Turn everything upside down and if you’ve got the time/glue/tape then stick it to the ceiling

3) Water cup room fill

Cups of water filled in a room will take ages to complete but it’s well worth the look on their face

4) Paper wrap

Wrap everything in old newspapers, cling film etc

5) Seal them in/out

Seal their door with crap.

6) Toothpaste Oreos

Swap Oreo filling with toothpaste (warning: possible Oreos will get wasted so maybe only do 1 or 2, the last ones for added long term fun)

7) Cress in weird places

Chuck a load of cress seeds into something they use, top up with water (not always needed). Be sure it won’t f*ck up the product otherwise you will end up paying for it!

8) Fake Cake

Get a balloon, strap it to an old cereal box, cover it in icing and pretend it’s a cake.

9) Hidden Explosion

Tie Mentos to a diet coke bottle cap and wait for it to drop (very messy so avoid near their valuables etc).

10) Hidden Explosion Version 2

Fill ketchup bottle with baking soda and wait!

11) One for luck! – Confetti in car!

Be careful that you don’t f*ck their car up with this one and be ready with a hoover afterwards as they will probably want you to clean it!

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