Act confident and you can get away with anything (within reason)

Act confident and you can get away with anything (within reason)

If you look nervous, uncomfortable or sketchy people won’t trust you. Keep your head up, your back straight, walk with purpose and you will find people will treat you completely different.

This could be for an interview or sneaking into the restaurant to get a free continental breakfast.

Acting confident or just being confident in general will give others around you no reason to question you.

How can I improve my confidence?

  • Get rid of negative thoughts as they lead to creating a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Focus on your body image, eye contact and smiling
  • Slow your speech down and speak clearly
  • Be prepared – learn everything you need to know before
  • Clean yourself up, have a shave, do your hair
  • If in doubt, write an awesome list


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