How to reduce your Amazon Carbon Footprint

How to reduce your Amazon Carbon Footprint

Although Amazon plan to have 50% of their shipments net zero carbon by 2030 every time we order we feel pretty guilty with the endless cardboard/packaging, diesel trucks, planes, ships etc that all play a part in getting our package to us that same day or the next day, but if you’re anything like us and still buy ~90% of your purchases from Amazon these tips might help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst still benefiting from the Amazon echo system.

To be clear, Amazon has big part to play in reducing their carbon footprint and the carbon footprints of the items we buy but we as users can help as well, here are some ideas:

Use ‘Amazon Day’ to save on boxes

Reduce your packaging by selecting a day in the week to receive all your packages, Amazon will then combine your items/orders together to ensure they use as little cardboard/package etc as possible + only 1 driver visits you.

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Buy items with Frustration-Free Packaging

Products with the ‘Frustration-Free Packaging’ icon are designed and tested to be delivered to customers in its own packaging without the need for additional Amazon packaging which reduces waste and lowers your carbon foot print.

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Instead of recycling the cardboard see if a local organisation can use the boxes

For instance, locally we have a chap that collects crisp packets, Tassimo pods etc etc and then sends them back to the manufacturer for money, this is then given to charity. He’s a legend and the one thing he needs is oversized boxes.

Search local social media or check out sites like Terracycle

Move to Kindle or Audible books

Buying a Kindle should reduce the need for paper, ink etc, Cleantech Group did some research to do a lifecycle analysis and found that the carbon emissions from electronic books are far lower than traditional book publishing 1

Buy Kindle books | Buy a Kindle | Sign up for a FREE Audible Book

Use Amazon Lockers or Delivery Robots (in some locations) to reduce the last mile diesel impact on your packages

If you can walk, bike or drive an electric car etc to your local Amazon Locker instead of their diesel trucks zig-zagging across your local town delivering to your home it can massively reduce the carbon footprint of your package.

Learn more abotu Amazon Lockers | Or learn about Starship | Amazon Click & Collect

Yeh… this is all great but why do Amazon send out tiny items in massive boxes sometimes?

Sometimes it’s a mistake but this is the main reason (so they say):

Continue to use Amazon for gift purchases

If you’re buying gifts for non-local friends/family you’re most likely saving carbon by buying directly from Amazon and letting them do the packaging, boxing, shipping and delivery because otherwise, you will be driving around

See the most gifted items on Amazon (updated daily)

Use subscribe and save to combine items into one monthly delivery and save money

Save up to 15% with automatic deliveries of your favourite items, delivered for free in one or two large boxes. Cancel at anytime, just watch the price doesn’t go up between ordering and delivery!

Start a Subscribe and Save Order

Tweet Amazon UK and Jeff Bezos to see if they will bring electric trucks to your area sooner

Amazon has announced they will bring 10,000 new electric vehicles on the road by 2022 but most likely this will be focused on US orders so it would be great to push them to do the same in the UK sooner, so we’ve tweeted them and we hope you join us.

Retweet this (or feel free to copy and tweet your own)

Learn about Fake Reviews so you don’t buy crap products that then have to be returned

Sadly Amazon is full of fake products, at 10ways we ensure all of the deals we post are genuine deal and also have genuine reviews, to do this we use sites like FakeSpot.

Check Amazon’s Used / Refurbished and Open Returns instead of buying new

Not only can you save a few quid you also help something from ending up in landfill etc.

Amazon Warehouse

Combine your grocery delivery with Whole Foods, Morrisons and Booths products

Your favourite groceries chosen with care by Amazon, Guaranteed fresh – or they give it for free. Instead of plastic bags they send everything in 100% recyclable bags

Amazon Fresh

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