American stands under damaged sign in the hope of lawsuit!

American stands under damaged sign in the hope of lawsuit!

Manuel Garcia stood under a partially fallen sign outside a Walmart in Edinburg, Texas this week with the hope of it falling on him so he could sue the owners.

He posted the below photo with the following caption:

“Here waiting for the P to fall and knock me out to be able to sue Walmart.”


Of course, the post went viral and he continued with the stunt.

“The first picture with the blue shirt, just stood under for the picture and left,” Manuel said. “Then [when] I saw how crazy all this was I went again the following day, and took a second picture with a pink shirt and put ‘Day Two’, but I wasn’t there for days or hours.”


Have you ever considered taking someone to court? (tick all that apply)


Global News informed Walmart’s head office [Spoil sports].

Walmart had this to say:

“We want to thank Mr. Garcia for making us aware of our falling ‘P,’ and we’re glad he wasn’t harmed during his stunt,” Charles Crowson, a spokesperson for Walmart, told Global News. “His sharp eye and camera skills helped us fix the sign quickly, and we’re grateful for his efforts.”

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