Simple FREE Ear Massage could help you relieve stress and boost energy flow… Myth or awesome trick?

Simple FREE Ear Massage could help you relieve stress and boost energy flow… Myth or awesome trick?


Supposedly this acupressure point (known as the Shen men point) can help relieve stress, pain, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, and excessive sensitivity. It is also used to reduce coughs, fever, inflammatory diseases, epilepsy and high blood pressure.

Now we’ve played with it and it certainly felt good and was relaxing to ‘play with’, we’re not sure if the ability to help reduce cough, fever, blood pressure symptoms is just a fantasy but we can’t see it doing much harm to have a go.


  • Dr. Sandomirsky’s Instructions: Use a cotton bud press this point and gently massage it. Breathe deeply.
  • Listen to your body carefully. Keep breathing deeply.
  • When you inhale look to the left, and on the exhale look to the right.
  • You will feel how your body calms down.

Extra Tips: Massage this point using your fingers. Massage it well every time you are stressed. Repeat this technique every night before you go to bed….


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