Help us name our new 10ways character and win 1 of 5 £25 Gift Vouchers

Help us name our new 10ways character and win 1 of 5 £25 Gift Vouchers

We started this journey in 2010, and this once hobby is now a dynamic business with people (and their families) that rely on us; we continue with our mission of inspiring our members to increase their wealth, productivity and future potential. We’ve had the same logo since starting, it’s a brand we’re proud of, and we know over 2 million people trust us and recognise it. Still, it was time for a fresh coat of paint and to modernise the brand, but we need your help to name the latest addition to the 10ways team!

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Win 1 of 5 £20 Gift Vouchers!

About the new logo design process

For those interested, we’ve been contemplating a new logo for quite a while, but we had some key criteria:

  • Matching the colour scheme of the existing logo
  • Containing the £ symbol
  • Contain the Union Jack Flag
  • Should be fun, lighthearted and in our style

We started with some flat logo designs, but they all lacked the fun feeling

We’ve always loved the Mailchimp branding, and after watching an in-person talk by John Hicks the Firefox logos and their use of a character has always stuck with us and whilst these original logos are now outdated and have been replaced they still resonate with us, their bright colours are engrained in our brains, and the style we think is in keeping with our 10ways personality.

So we found a great design team called Catalystvibes who started to focus on those core 4 design briefs we started with mixed in with their fun, quirky and friendly style.

We then focused on these 3 designs, added a colour scheme (to replicate our original logo) and refined the designs further until we got to our new friendly, welcoming and inclusive character named….


We’re now at the point where we have a great new 10ways character and endless possibilities for the future, maybe even with some cool merchandise?

So long old logo, thanks for everything it’s been emotional and welcome to our new logo we hope we make you proud and we hope you all approve.

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