Free Tall Starbucks for NHS Staff on Wednesday 15th December

Free Tall Starbucks for NHS Staff on Wednesday 15th December

Tomorrow (Wednesday December 15th) NHS workers across England, Scotland and Wales will be able to grab themselves a free tall drink including all the festive drinks and iced beverages by showing their NHS ID card at the tills.

Note: Bottled drinks from the fridge are excluded.

Alex Rayner, vice president and general manager at Starbucks UK, said:

“Starbucks is committed to strengthening the communities we serve in.

“As part of our ongoing partnership with NHS Charities Together we wanted to say a huge festive thank you to the NHS staff that live and work in our communities.”

Meanwhile, Ellie Orton OBE, Chief Executive at NHS Charities Together, said:

“We’re incredibly grateful for the continued support from Starbucks.

“Their free Tall beverage initiative and in-store fundraising enable employees and customers everywhere to show their appreciation and thanks to NHS workers, and can make a vital difference.

“Winter is always an incredibly challenging time for the NHS – and this is one of the toughest ever – which is why ongoing public support is so important.”

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