How to properly tie your (walking) boots so they actually work as they’re supposed to!

How to properly tie your (walking) boots so they actually work as they’re supposed to!

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This video by Dawnypops shows how to simply tie up your walking boots properly, something that aged 33 I thought I was capable of doing, clearly not…

The benefits to this are that it prevents heel lift, which can cause fatigue, pins and needles,  loss of confidence and even sores and blisters.

How can I test if my shoes are giving me heel lift?

Put your boots on, stand with your feet flat on the ground, then bend your knees and roll onto the balls of your feet (the forefoot area). If you can feel that your boots don’t move with you as you do this, there’s a poor grip from the boot/footwear and you’re suffering from heel lift.


Been tying my laces up all wrong! Easy fix for a secure fit. #walkingboots #thesebootsaremadeforwalking #hack #hike #hiketok #howto #laceupboots

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