Football Manager 2024 Mobile Debuts on Netflix and it’s FREE for subscribers (normally £9.99) – Is this good or bad news?

Football Manager 2024 Mobile Debuts on Netflix and it’s FREE for subscribers (normally £9.99) – Is this good or bad news?

Save a Tenner and Make Footballing History with Netflix (well that’s the theory at least)

The highly anticipated Football Manager 2024 Mobile, which would usually set you back a crisp £10 (ok £9.99), is hitting a different kind of pitch. Come 6 November, it will be making an exclusive debut for Netflix members worldwide.

By aligning with the behemoth that is Netflix, this tactical move exploits the streaming service’s vast international reach, offering more fans than ever a chance to get in on the action. Plus, this newest version of the game speaks in four more languages, making it even more tempting to global fans.

Securing Your Place in the Manager’s Seat If you’re already a Netflix devotee, come November, you can simply tap into the Netflix mobile app and download Football Manager 2024 Mobile. Those wedded to Apple and Google Play can scout it out in the usual manner.

But here’s the catch — to enter this footballing universe, a Netflix membership is the golden ticket. So if you aren’t already a Netflix member, you’ll find the doors to football stardom firmly bolted. Attempt to launch the game and you’ll be met with a screen, nudging you to either pop in your Netflix credentials or sign up afresh. It’s a brave play by Netflix, given the vast mobile player base, but it could be a masterstroke!

Is this good news?

Well, the answer to that depends massively on whether you’re an existing happy Netflix subscriber, if the answer is yes then you’ve just saved £9.99 on buying FM24… as it’s bundled for free with your existing Netflix Subscription, however, if you’re not a happy existing Netflix customer your £9.99 game just became £4.99 to £15.99 per month!

Can I just buy the game for £9.99 without subscribing?

No, it’s a Netflix exclusive so you will need a subscription.

FM24: More Than Just a Game on the Go Beyond just being an engaging distraction during your commute or a way to pass the time on the sofa, FM24 Mobile is a pocket-sized partner for all your footballing strategies — even en route to an away fixture.

Stay on the ball because starting 23 October, more juicy details about the innovative features and the thrilling functionalities of FM24 Mobile will be dribbling out.

This intriguing collaboration between the titans, Football Manager and Netflix, promises a football management spectacle like no other. So, gear up, and don’t miss out on this game-changing launch! 🏆⚽💸

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