Quite possibly the best drinking device for smuggling!

Quite possibly the best drinking device for smuggling!

This is £15 Bev-Can Deodorant Can, available from Amazon. It looks like any teenagers standard Lynx Deodorant can but it contains a sealed 8oz (227ml) metal flask for all your naughty alcohol smuggling!

Only issue: Drinking from a deodorant can is slightly suspicious!

Ideal for smuggling into places where they don’t allow you to bring your own alcohol in but will gladly sell you an overpriced £8 pint of beer as soon as you walk in the gate.

Some alternative products are The Hairbrush, The Boobie Bags, Suncream, The Camera & finally the thing we’ve used in the past (trick is making yourself look even fatter than you already are + fill it up completely so you don’t slosh about).



Have you ever smuggled alcohol somewhere?

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