10 products to help you unlock up to 15% off at Amazon each month!

10 products to help you unlock up to 15% off at Amazon each month!

For those unaware, Amazon’s Subscribe and Save System allows you to save on a wide range of items by bundling them together (to save on shipping/handling costs) and passing the saving to you, if you order 1-4 items you get 0-5% discount normally, but the real good discount takes place when you subscribe to at least 5 products, it normally gives you 15% off most products (although some products are limited to 5-10%)

There are some keys things to consider for success with this:

  • Knowing there are no fees if you cancel or postpone an item on subscription
  • Knowing that there is a date when you cannot adjust your subscriptions (although if an item hasn’t been shipped yet you can often cancel it, although be careful as if you do this and your order goes under 5 items you will lose the discount on all the products)
  • Remember, you can adjust your subscriptions at any point (with no cancellation fees); we suggest adding the deadline to your diary and making sure you do a check once per month to ensure the following month you’re not getting products you don’t need.
  • Knowing that if you subscribe to a few products which are good value, cheap, will get used and don’t massively fluctuate in price you can continue unlock the ~15% discount each month without stress
  • You should be well aware that the price you sign up for the subscription can go up, so it’s important to double-check prices on the day your subscription actually gets processed, in case you’re not happy.

Here are 10 great ‘essential’ products (which are relatively cheap) to help you always get the 15% off:


1) Toothpaste

This stuff is cheap (often ~£2) so if it does go up in price one month it’s not a big issue, it’s essential and it doesn’t go off so if you end up with too much it’s not an issue and you can then adjust your future subscriptions.

Sensodyne | AquaFresh | Oral-B


2) Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes

A staple of most kitchens and these are the best, although you only ever get 5% off these they’re also fairly stable price wise so you’re not going to get ripped off if you leave them to renew by mistake, equally they don’t go off quickly so it’s not a major issue if you have too many!

Buy here

3) Squash

It’s a staple for almost every British household, generally low priced, so if it does go up in price, it’s not a major issue.

Buy Robinsons | Ribena | Vimto | Fruit Creations

4) Soft Drinks

These are ones you probably do have to watch price wise as they can vary quite considerably but if you drink quite a bit of fizz drinks this is a superb way to save a big extra. Keep an eye on the prices as these do change quite a bit!

Rubicon Mango | Pepsi Cherry | Irn Bru


5) Dots for Spots Acne Patches

These small stickers go on top of a spot and work magic (we were genuinely surprised how good they are) but at £7 they’re a tad expensive, so for £5.94 it feels better value! They don’t massively fluctuate in price so it’s quite a consistent £6 spend.

Buy here

6) Cotton Buds

You can often get these for around the £1 mark, an ideal option to keep on your subscription list as they’re cheap and can sit in a cupboard worst case for years!

Buy here

7) Fabric Conditioner

A common product in most households, can sit for years worst case but doesn’t massively change in price the main issue is the size of the things.

Comfort Pure | Lenor Scent Boosters | Presto | EcoZone

8) Tony’s Chocolonely

If you can secure this at £2.50 a bar it’s well worth adding to your monthly sub to help get the max discount, a superb chocolate bar.

Buy here

9) The Cheeky Panda

Completely plastic-free ultra sustainable bamboo toilet rolls, a great staple to add to your subscriptions, although you obviously don’t want 48 rolls per month unless you’ve living with 10 people! 

Buy here

10) Deodorant

Fairly cheap and doesn’t fluctuate in price much, again it can sit for years worst case if you end up with too much and didn’t realise.

Mitchems | Nivea Pearl | Sure | Salt of the Earth

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