Never give up & surround yourself with awesome people

After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, mountain bike and Road Bike Party legend, is Back On Track.

The trials legend, creator of Road Bike Party 2, and, above all family man and bike rider, began his inspirational journey to get back on track. Joined by his friends Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Blake Samson and filmed by long time collaborator Robin Kitchin, this is Martyn Back On Track.

This video is awesome, it is rather emotional but it will show you that giving up should never be an option and that surrounding yourself with awesome/similar people is well worth doing.

One of the famous videos Martyn created before his injury:

The internet seems to love all of his videos:

“This is the best thing on the internet today!!!” – Matt Tenpenny

“You Sir are a effing legend. I’m crying watching this. I’ve work with squaddies who have become disabled and have seen the dark places paralysis can take people. Some might say you have been lucky with sponsors etc, but in the middle there is you, and no matter who throws what towards you, it’s the person in the middle that needs to make it happen. My hat is well and truly taken off!” – Simon Wainwright

The guy is a legend in the biking industry.

The guy is a legend in the biking industry.

“When you have an accident,” Ashton says, “the doctors try to get you to accept the situation – that you’ll never walk again. I’ve accepted that. But I never had those thoughts about cycling. I never accepted that. I just kept wondering how I could cycle again”.



Ashton broke his back on 1 September 2013 during a demo at Moto GP. He then had another accident which left him paralysed from the waist down. He continues to produce films

This 3rd video shows the passion in Martyn’s mind:

Bit of Downhill action for me & @chrisakrigg today 🙂 #Inspired by #FortWilliam #TryBeforeJuly BATEC MOBILITY

Posted by Martyn Ashton on Sunday, 7 June 2015

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