How to make £320 by just being honest

How to make £320 by just being honest

The phrase ‘Honesty is the best policy’ certainly was true for this guy from London.

Jon was transferred $470 via Paypal from a Mr Stuart Edge (who happens to be a famous YouTuber) but instead of withdrawing the money and buying crates of Monkey Shoulder he responded explaining he thought it was a scam but checked and was going to refund the money to Stuart.

Stuart Edge (the YouTuber that sent the money) then flew from the US over to the UK and surprised him with this rather touching note & some money to keep.

Here is the video:

The YouTube Comments were full of controversy as usual:

You are just doing it for the video and so that you have a story to tell, its so selfish when you think about it. Then you go about telling yourself its all about karma, but its bs, stop lying to yourself.

Stuart restores my faith in humanity.

Plot twist : that was the wrong person and he just went along with it 🤑

So he spent $3k to fly him and a camera guy out to England to return $470… Sounds like this was more for the youtubers benefit than the guy in England.


Do YouTubers do this for the view/money or because they actually care?

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