Bristol Garage takes £40K car on a joyride – All captured on dash camera! £1,500 ‘bribe’ turned down so they blocked him from getting his car serviced!

Bristol Garage takes £40K car on a joyride – All captured on dash camera! £1,500 ‘bribe’ turned down so they blocked him from getting his car serviced!

David Argust took his car into his Mercedes dealership in Bristol, he later saw footage on the dash camera showing the car being driven around Bristol on a 10-minute ‘joyride’, with the car breaking the speed limits multiple times.

Just to rub salt into wounds David, a chauffeur from Bristol has now been banned from getting his car serviced by any of the 13 Mercedes dealerships run by the company.

The dealership, in Lysander Road, Cribbs Causeway, said they had apologised to Mr Argust, but refused to comment further.

Mr Argust said his car had been “abused” by the mechanic, who is understood to have been sacked by the company.

The company then offered him £1,500 to keep quiet, but he refused.

David said:

“I pride myself in having a clean licence, both as a driver and a chauffeur. I’ve done this job for 11 years, and I could have lost my licence if he was caught.

“I’ve reported it to the police, but didn’t want to press charges. I just think what they’ve done is wrong, and the fact that they’re not admitting that it’s a big problem is also wrong.

“You certainly don’t expect your car to be driven around. This is a reputable garage. I can’t go anywhere else because it would mean I’ll lose my anti-corrosion and breakdown cover.”


Nick Robinson, franchise manager at Sytner Group write in a letter:

“Following the release of your videos and recent post on Instagram I believe it is inappropriate for us to continue with your planned visit to Mercedes-Benz of Weston-super-Mare on the 4th April.

“These actions demonstrate a complete breakdown in relationship, and in conflict with any future positive business relationship we had hoped to restore.

“We will not accede to further demands and I find it extremely disappointing that despite our efforts we have been unable to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

“I must now consider your actions a rejection of all previous offers and they are therefore retracted.”


Mercedes Dealership Bristol dash-cam

Take a look at what happened when David Argust took his £40k car in to his Mercedes dealership in Bristol.Someone didn't see the dash-cam...(Pictures and text provided by David Argust)

Posted by BBC Points West on Monday, 4 April 2016


Would you be annoyed?

David said he had not made any demands, only that he found the company’s response inappropriate.

“I didn’t want to take their money to cover up. It’s morally wrong, and it goes against everything I believe in,”

“If I need the money, I will work for it. I can’t believe a company like that would offer money for me not to say anything.”

“And then to turn around and say they would not welcome me is wrong. It’s petty.”

The company said managing director Mike Smith from the Bristol branch was unable to comment.”


Does this put you off Mercedes if this is how they treat their customers?

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