(Shock) BMW driver putting others before himself by blocking Police Speed Camera

(Shock) BMW driver putting others before himself by blocking Police Speed Camera

Chris Welford, aged 23, parked his BMW 5 Series in front of a speed camera van belonging to Cleveland Police in Skelton, North Yorkshire, this blocked the camera from picking up motorists coming down a hill.

“When I saw the van sitting there I just thought to myself I had a spare few hours and nothing better to do, so why not?

“I’ve been caught there myself in the past and just thought I would try and wind them up them a little bit. People have been loving it – one person got in touch and said ‘Not all heroes wear capes’.

‘There was at least one officer in the car but he just ignored me.

‘The Police came around later and I was told I was lucky as I could have been done for harassment.

‘But everyone else was beeping their horns and seemed to support me.’

‘They are there a lot, as drivers go down a bank and obviously pick up speed,’ said Chris.

‘When I first passed my test five years ago, I got a ticket there soon after but personally I don’t think it is an area of concern.

‘There was a school there years ago but that was knocked down so I don’t think there is a real need for them to be there, which made it more satisfying.’


Idiot or Legend?

Inspector Harry Simpson of Cleveland police said:

‘It is an unpleasant sight to come across the severed limbs of victims and then take on the task of informing families of these victims that their loved one is in a serious condition in hospital – or even worse.
‘Those who do not agree with speed enforcement will no doubt speed themselves.
‘Most members of the community do not want the safety of their children put at risk by the drivers of speeding vehicles,’

Police figures show 227 speeders have been caught there for each of the last two years – with 71 caught in the past six weeks alone.

Photo credit: BEN LACK PHOTOGRAPHY LTD, article via Gazette Live

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