Student declines FREE BROWNIES FOR LIFE in the best way possible, by giving them to a local homeless shelter instead!

Student declines FREE BROWNIES FOR LIFE in the best way possible, by giving them to a local homeless shelter instead!

Bradley Williams is just your normal good looking chap, but the Business Management student from Kent this week shocked a local Canterbury firm who accepted his challenge to get 20,000 likes, 10,000 comments and 5,000 shares on a Facebook post.

Edd Withers owner of the business startup Bake Mates (circa 350 likes last week, now 4632), a Canterbury company delivering sweets and munchies around the local area said:

“I told him he had two days, and if he managed it he would get a life’s supply of brownies,”

“I never thought he’d do it and to be honest he’s absolutely smashed it!”

Bradley then really did smash it with the post getting far more reactions that first thought:

Then this happened [post on Bake Mates Facebook]:

This afternoon, the Bake Mates met with prize winner Bradley Williams to plan the delivery of his lifetime supply of Brownies….

But something very special happened. Brad told us how he wanted to turn this story into something really positive, and he had an amazing idea. Brad is going to donate his ENTIRE prize to the homeless of Canterbury. Bake Mates have been in touch with our local shelter, Catching Lives, and are making arrangements for a shedload of Brownies, Muffins, cakes and more, to be delivered this weekend. We hope it cheers everyone up, puts smiles on faces, and inspires many more to give to those in need. Bradley, we salute you.

The response to Bradley’s have-a-go attitude has been astounding, and everyone has been so kind and supportive. We will keep you posted on when we deliver Brad’s treats to those in need, and will try and get some pics for ya’ll. You guys rock! Bake Mates. xx

Bradley told

I started it as a joke, saw the company come up on my facebook timeline and thought why not 😂 then all this happened haha!

We asked Bradley if there was any sneaky tricks to get that many likes, shares and comments, he said

Honestly no sneaky tricks! It just.. Happened [within 12 hours]

My followers on facebook have gone from 54 to 450+ since the first post! – so that’s just friends requests.

I’d say I’ve had about 100 messages [from supporters, news agencies and haters etc]

We asked Bradley if there were any plans for repeating this with another brand? What about a new car? He said:

Hahaha already been thinking about it lol – could you imagine 😂😂

Edd Withers continued to say:

“He’s a good guy and we’re going to meet up tomorrow to take them as many brownies as my car can hold,”

“After that, and we actually launch, we’ll come up with a proper arrangement to get them [the charity] some more.”

p.s. for those awful people that did this f*** you:

…I got quite a few hate messages from people telling me how fat I am and that I should kill myself,’ Bradley told The Metro

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