How to print MASSIVE posters from your A4 printer (+ a list of awesome posters to print)

How to print MASSIVE posters from your A4 printer (+ a list of awesome posters to print)

1) Save your image to your computer (ensure you check copyright)


2) Go to BlockPosters (or Rasterbator or PosteRazor) and upload your image

NOTE: BlockPosters will place their logo at the bottom of the poster (unless you pay $5), if that’s an issue use the other ones that don’t do this! Never pay the $5!

3) Check the print and customise it

You can select the number of pages wide etc

4) Download image & print (there will obviously be lots of pages to print)


5) Assemble and stick on the wall! (more examples)


Prefer to get them properly printed? Try:

Looking for ideas on what posters to print?


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