FREE drinking water nationwide

FREE drinking water nationwide

Remember all places that sell alcohol in England, Wales and Scotland must provide FREE drinking water (ideally not from a bidet).

Some of you might think it’s taking the p*ss getting free water with a meal etc but we do it all the time and the majority of staff are used to the request.

If you ever get asked to pay for it, complain to a manager and if you can remember mention Paragraph 3 of the Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) Order 2010 ( as it clearly stipulates you’re entitled to it. Failure to be offered it can result in fines, imprisonment or alcohol licences being revoked so it’s not something they should ignore.

In the past some places have been known to charge you for the use of their glasses (they legally can do this, stupid we know), in those places we recommend you leave and never go back.

Also for those of you who visit new cities, towns etc and want to save a few quid this website shows places where you can refill water bottles for FREE, so saves you spending £2 for a rip off bottle of Evian at Boots 😉

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