10 unexpected ways your car can cost you money

10 unexpected ways your car can cost you money
  1. Sleeping in your car whilst drunk
    It’s technically an offence to be ‘in charge’ of the car (i.e. have the key and be in the car), while either being unfit to drive through drink, or being in excess of the alcohol limits for driving – Up to £2,500 and banned from driving for 12 months [Law]
  2. Leave your petrol/diesel engine idling/on when you’re waiting/parked etc
    £20 instant fine which can grow to £1,000 (Private) or £2,000 (Commercial) if even after being warned they continue – [Law]
  3. Dirty number plate?
    Up to £1000 fine for obscuring your number plate [Law]
  4. Broken lights? Bodywork on your car damaged?
    Up to £1000 fine [Law]
  5. Splashing someone by driving into a puddle
    Up to £5,000 [Law]

  6. Parking your petrol/diesel car in a electric vehicle charging bay
    Up to £80 fine (depends on the car park) [Law]
  7. Dropping litter out of your vehicle
    Up to £2500 including costs/charges [Law & Law] although fines for litter are normally £75-£100 but it seems higher if it’s out of a car Vs in a city centre
  8. Snow on your car roof as you drive? or Misty / Frosty / Snowy windscreen as you drive?
    Up to £60 fine AND three points! [Law & Law]
  9. Bulge in your tyre or no tread on the tyre?
    Up to £2,500 and three penalty points [Law]
  10. Driving around with your fog light on because there is a tiny amount of fog
    You’re only supposed to use them when visibility is heavily reduced (i.e. 100 metres (328 feet) or less) [Law]

How much will these things cost me?

  1. Traffic Offence report (Fine) for vehicle defects are normally £50-£300 and you must go and get the work done by a mechanic and take the receipts to a Police station within a timeframe set.
  2. Inconsiderate driving (e.g. driving in bus lane, dazzling people with full beam & braking for no reason)
    Expect on-the-spot fines and a penalty endorsement on your licence (likely up to 9 points)
  3. Careless Driving (e.g. Undertaking / Tailgating / Distracted by Satnav)
    Expect a trip to the Magistrates’ Court with penalty points on your licence and/or fines when you leave
  4. Dangerous Driving (e.g. excess speed, driving aggressively, Driving under the influence of drink or drugs etc)
    Expect a trip to Magistrates’ Court (with up to £5,000 fine and up to six months in prison) or Crown Court (include unlimited fines and up to two years in prison)
  5. Dropping litter expect up to £2,500 fine
  6. Exploiting parking restrictions – Normally it’s the standard parking fine for that car park

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