Stop applying for jobs and try getting referred instead, using this TikTok trick!

Stop applying for jobs and try getting referred instead, using this TikTok trick!

If you’ve been struggling to get past the interview stages this technique might be worth a go, it will involve some Linkedin stalking and meeting up with new people but if that sounds like your cuppa tea it could be a great way to land a great job or promotion!

wonsulting on TikTok, says if you’re applying to roles and getting rejected. don’t apply, get referred instead!

On Linkedin go to the university/college page for your university e.g. and click on Alumni, then search for the topic you’re interested in. Now go to where they work. It will show all the people from your school that work at that company! Confirm their details are correct. Then send this:

Hi (Name), hope you’re well! My name is (name), and I’m a (student/occupation/etc.) at (university/college/school). I saw that you also graduated from (university/college/school) and now work at (company) as a (position). I’d love to connect with an alum like you. Thank you

Does it work? His comments seem to suggest so:

This works!! I got interviews at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Sony Entertainment doing this – Katie

It works. I’m a recruiter and we always give priority to referrals and internals first – Susan

OK, but how does this get me a job?

  • Connect with the person
  • Grab coffee/drinks etc
  • Build rapport
  • Ask for referral

Wouldn’t this annoy the alumni?

Possibly but if they get a referral bonus for new starters then it’s unlikely


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