10 Amazon Prime benefits you might not know about

10 Amazon Prime benefits you might not know about

Most people will know about Amazon Prime’s obvious benefits, e.g. unlimited next day deliveries (without a minimum spend), access to Prime video and early access to Prime deals but did you know about these other benefits?

  1. Amazon Photos – Free Unlimited Full Resolution Photo Storage and 10GB of video storage, works on all devices, you also get 5GB of free storage for other files as well.
  2. Amazon Household – Share select Prime benefits (e.g. delivery and digital content) with one other adult
  3. Prime Reading – Access to loads of premium paid for magazines (~£4 each) and books for free – You also can get 1 free book each month here.
  4. Prime Gaming (previously known as Twitch Prime) + Twitch Prime Loot – This gives you free games and add ons
  5. Prime Wardrobe – Try clothes before you buy, you have 7 days to trial the clothes, you then return everything you don’t want and they charge you just what you keep.

    Not a Prime member? Get 30 days free trial here
  6. Prime Video ‘Free to me’ sections – Quickly find all the video content that’s included in your membership (e.g. 1917 film is currently free at the moment).
  7. Prime Combined Weekly Deliveries – Do you order quite a bit from Amazon? Did you know you can combine deliveries so the items all arrive at the same time? This helps the environment as it reduces the need for vans to arrive at your house multiple times and the quantity of cardboard as they try to combine as many packages as possible, whilst it doesn’t directly save you money it may save you time from having to wait around for deliveries throughout the week.
  8. Prime Music – Access to 2 million ad-free songs, you can also upgrade to unlimited music for full access to 70,000,000 songs
  9. Prime Now – Gives you same-day or next-day delivery on fresh supermarket food in 2-hour and 1-hour delivery windows, with a minimum order value of £15, but often these prices are price matched against all the other major supermarkets meaning you can combine deals from them all in one order! 
  10. Same Day Delivery – You need to order before 12:00pm noon (or 1PM in Scotland) most days of the year, eligible items are products marked with “Today by 10pm” delivery promises, HOWEVER, you need to select this ‘same day’ option at checkout to ensure you get this faster delivery option as it defaults to next day.

This list isn’t exhaustive, a full list of benefits can be found here. Not a Prime member? Get 30 days free trial here

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