£12 Government Electricity Rebate – All households in the UK eligible

£12 Government Electricity Rebate – All households in the UK eligible

All households in the UK are entitled to a £12 government contribution to help lower their energy bills, this starts from 11 October 2015.


The Government promised to reduce household energy bills by an average of around £50 per year in 2014 and 2015, this is part of it.

How do you get the credit? When?

  • Most people will have the credit automatically added to their current/next bill (if they pay via cash, cheque or direct debit) however it’s important that you check your supplier actually does give you this refund/credit. You should see it on your next bill/statement.
  • Pre-pay meter users will receive a £12 voucher (within October or November 2015) or have a Special Action Message (SAM) sent to your payment card, key or token via their top-up point. Vouchers will need to be taken to a top-up outlet where they can be redeemed in the form of electricity credit.
  • Smart prepayment meter users you will receive the rebate automatically or a code will be sent by the supplier for you to manually input into the meter

If following this you have still not received your GER, you should get in contact with your electricity supplier.

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