That mate that always has no money can now pester you for a free beer remotely

That mate that always has no money can now pester you for a free beer remotely

J.D Wetherspoon pubs now have the ability to accept orders via their new mobile app, allowing you to sit at your table and have your food &/or drinks delivered to you without having to queue.

It sounds like a decent ideal until you hear about this story…

Steve aged 34 from Walsall told the Metro:

‘I’d ran out of money and was drowning my sorrows and wanted to carry on drinking.

‘So I messaged 10 of my mates asking them all to buy me a pint, because I figured the majority would not, but most did, it made them feel better and meant I could stay out for many more hours.

‘I know all my mates paydays as well so fire them across a message when I know they are flush and they get me a beers or food, and when I have money I do the same back.’

‘There is nothing worse having to ask a stranger to borrow £2 to buy a pint but as long as I’ve got my phone I can ask hundreds of people I know to do the decent thing.’


Does Steve's mates need to find a new mate?

Here is what a few people thought about it, what are your thoughts?

Wetherspoon’s spokesman Eddie Gershon said:

‘We are delighted that our order and app pay is being used by people to buy food and drink for their friends in a Wetherspoon pub thousands of miles away.

‘It must be great to be in one of our pubs and have a drink delivered to your table by a good-hearted friend who isn’t even with you.’

He added ‘Since its introduction, the the app has proven a big hit with customers and is now available in all of our pubs across the UK.’

‘The app was initially introduced on iPhone but is now available on Android, too.

‘No more queuing at the bar, just use the Order and Pay app, sit back and relax, and the order is delivered directly to you at your table.’


The New Wetherspoons App is:

Article via Metro Online

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