Sky launches VIP loyalty system for existing customers

Sky launches VIP loyalty system for existing customers

Sky has launched a ‘VIP’ loyalty system for all customers today with the best gifts going to those who have been with them for a long period. Most of the prizes are “money can buy products/services” but others consist of “money can’t buy experiences” such as the chance to visit filming locations of Game of Thrones.

Prizes/gifts consist of:

  • Free Sky Store Buy & Keep Movie
  • Two free test match cricket tickets worth at least £60 on its own.
  • Free SkyQ Subscription / Box etc
  • Tickets to cinema previews
  • Sky Show audience tickets
  • Tickets to exclusive events
  • Sky Atlantic VIP.

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Surely haggling for a better price is better than these rewards?

Yes, 100% but you should be able to get both by haggling and also claiming these rewards.

Here are some quick ways to save money with Sky:

  • Ditch the channels you don’t need/use
  • Check the ‘Existing Customers’ Deals
  • Haggle outside of contract for better deals, e.g. at the end of your contract
  • Compare prices with other providers like Virgin TV
  • Tell Sky you use Freeview and are happy with that
  • Cancel and wait. They should ring you after a few weeks offering you a better deal. If you wait it out until it’s just about to end give them a call and see if they will give you a good deal, we got 75% off for 1 year when rejoining
  • Be nice and just ask and explain the situation
  • Don’t panic when they say they’ll disconnect your Sky, just tell them you will call back once you’ve discussed it with others in your household
  • Never say yes to the first offer
  • Silence from their side is a classic trick to get you to agree to the offer, counter offer at this point
  • Ring back another time to see if you have better luck with another operator.
  • Cancel Sky altogether and move to Netflix, Amazon Prime &/or NowTv

How do I get it?

Download the iOS or Android apps from this page

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