Stunning DIY patio installation with how to guide!

Stunning DIY patio installation with how to guide!

Ashley from east_shore_home on TikTok/Instagram did a DIY Patio, and it’s bloody brilliant. She decided to do it herself because the quotes she was getting for someone to lay the tiles were out of her budget!

The comments were very positive:

as a landscaper I can’t work out whether I’m happy or scared at what a good finish you got 😅
Great work !

That’s better than a lot of professionals I’ve seen great job!

Good on you getting it done yourself 💪looks lovely 😍

You make me believe that I can achieve this. Looks sooo good! 😍

To which Ashley replied:

Of course you can, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it 💪🏻

This is what Ashley used (although I’m sure we’ve missed a few things):

The video guide:


DIY patio installation using Bellevue white porcelain tiles from @tilemountainuk #diypatio #diygarden #gardenmakeover #gardenlandscaping

♬ DJ Wait a Minute – DJ Exe

It wasn’t all positive comments though:

Practise what you preach, but brick work levels don’t match the preach in this video, this job will cost them 1000’s more within 2 years, no geotextile, not even 50mm of type 1, within 3 months this will sink and allow weeds to grow, this people is why trades are trades, because we know what we’re doing, not pretending to know because you watched a YouTube video.

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