10 awesome advent calendars (spoiler: many contain alcohol)

10 awesome advent calendars (spoiler: many contain alcohol)

Advent calendars are often filled with cheap chocolate these change all of that, remember to drink responsibly.

Gin Advent

Behind each of the 24 doors lies a different 3cl sample of superb gin from some of the finest producers around the world, including gins from England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany and more. Discover new favourites and enjoy craft classics.

Buy: Amazon or Whisky version

Yankee Candle Advent


Have a mini holiday party every day as you count down to Christmas with our contemporary, striking and sparkling advent calendar. Each door reveals a tealight in one of six fragrances with a Votive for christmas eve. This gift set makes a stunning present or an addition to your festive decor.

Buy: Amazon | eBay

Wooden House Advent Calendar (decorate yourself)hobby-craft

Once you’ve transformed your advent calendar with seasonal decoration, fill each of the cabinets up to treat your loved ones on each of the days of advent. You can spoil them with sweets, mini toys, or even little crafting projects, such as beads and thread or new paints. You’ll be able to enjoy personalised picks for each day.

Buy: Hobbycraft

Lego Advent (various options)

advent-legoFeatures 24 different items, including buildings, vehicles, items and minifigures.

Buy: Amazon

DIY Beer / Wine Adventadvent-stella

Superb selection of your favourite beer, with no messing around, just remember to include a knife/pair of scissors!

A few more DIY Beer Advents

The pringles tub version (top left) is rather cool, empty 24 tins and then fill with beer/wine etc. Presenting it already slightly cut (perforated) out seems a good way to make it more of a giftadvent-beer

Wine Adventwineadvent

24 windows, 24 guilt-free bottles and 24 excuses to have a bit of Christmas fun!

Buy: Virgin Wines

DIY Advent stickersadvent-stickers

Make your own Advent Calendars with these stickers

Buy: Amazon or this set

Craft Beer Adventcraftbeer

Fantastic Selection of 24 Craft in Advent Calendar Form, Great way to Sample a Variety of Unusual / Hard-to-Find Beer

Buy: Amazon | Groupon | eBay

CHASE DISTILLERY (mixed spirits) Adventmixed-spirits


Buy: Amazon | William Chase

John Lewis Wooden Houses Advent Calendar, Red & Whitejohn-lewis-advent

This delightful wooden advent calendar features 25 red and white painted houses, each with a date written on them.

Buy: John Lewis

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