10 ways to save time around the home (remember time = money)

10 ways to save time around the home (remember time = money)

When you’re reheating leftovers in the microwave make a hole in the middle to avoid uneven cooking

An old favourite but it’s often forgotten.

When you need to put cans in the fridge – Open both ends and put the back of the box on the shelf, pull the box away and push with your other hand.

Saves you placing each individual can in.

Organise your freezer bags with binder clips

When painting a room place a small amount of paint in a container with a lid

When you need to do a quick touch up you can quickly find the correct colour and don’t have to open the big and probably 90% empty tub.

Have you got ugly marks in your carpets because of the weight of tables, cabinets etc?

Amazingly placing ice cubes on these areas will help to raise the carpet, repeat until it’s fixed.

If you’re reheating something that will dry out in the microwave

Place a glass of water inside, it will add moisture to the air

Freeze meat ‘flat’ to allow quicker thawing

A clear shoe organiser works well in the pantry/food cupboard etc

Buy one from Amazon

A piece of card / paper makes an ideal pringle eating device

And once finished use the empty tube to store spaghetti!

Lucky enough to keep a car in your garage or do you park close to an outside wall? Install pipe insulation / pool floats where your doors open to avoid scratches/damage to your door

Especially useful if you have little ones, another trick is to put a tennis ball dangling from the ceiling of your garage, line it up so when it touches your windscreen your car is perfect in position.

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