(Now Expired) – How to get 6 months of Spotify Premium (worth £59.94) for just £3!

(Now Expired) – How to get 6 months of Spotify Premium (worth £59.94) for just £3!

This deal has now expired

Spotify costs £9.99 per month which can be great value but I’m sure we would all agree we would much rather it was cheaper, that’s where this little trick comes into play.

It’s fairly simple to transfer existing Spotify playlists to new accounts so if a friend/family member etc happens to sign up you could easily send them all your playlists! 😉 😉 😉

So Curry’s have a promotion where if you buy anything from the following categories you get 6 months of Spotify for FREE (new accounts only):

However… some of these items are just £5 and others are decent prices anyway

Meaning you get your item from above + 6 months of Spotify (worth nearly £60) for just the price of the item! Once you’ve purchased you will get your code within 2 days and can then apply on here.

Full terms and conditions are visible here.

But it gets better… You can sell some of the items for cash/credit

Sell the item to CEX or similar for cash or credit!

e.g. Tekken 7 (£4.99) can be traded in at CEX for £4 credit or £2 cash, Project Cars 2 (£4.99) can be traded in for £5 voucher or £3 cash, making 6 months of Spotify for less than £3!

Be a financial rockstar and share this with your friends, family and co-workers to maximise savings:

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