Who still uses coin counting machines?

Who still uses coin counting machines?

Is it just us that never understands why people use these machines?

For those wondering about the alternative options:

– You can use coins at normal tills to buy things, crazy we know!

– Self service machines in supermarkets accept coins…. so just do your normal weekly shop take it to the self scan and pour your bucket load of change into the machine.

– If you’re feeling risky you could buy an item with your coins and then go to customer service and ask for a refund, just be careful as some places only give you it back on giftcards.

– Metro bank have free versions of these (open to everyone not just members), thankfully we have one of these locally.


The problem with these machines is they prey on people that need cash immediately, i.e. poor budget planners.

and they take 8-10% commission off the total amount

Hopefully we can spread this to make people think twice about using them.

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