A weeks worth of shopping (£349 in Germany Vs £3.52 Butane)

A weeks worth of shopping (£349 in Germany Vs £3.52 Butane)

Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio travelled the world spending $600,000 taking photographs of families across the world and asking them to buy a normal weeks worth of food.

This is what they found:

1. The Melander family of Bargteheide (Germany)

Food for a 4-person family, cost: $ 500.07 (£349)

2. The Kutten-Kass family from Erpeldange (Luxembourg)

Products for a family of 4, cost: $ 465.84 (£325)

3. The Le Moine family from Paris (France)

Food for 4 people, cost: $ 419.95 (£293)

4. The Brown family from Riverview (Australia)

Food for a 7-person family, cost: $ 376 (£262)

5. The Revis family from North Carolina (USA)

Weekly supplies for 4 people, cost: $ 341.98 (£239)

6.The Ukita family from Kodaira City (Japan)

Food for four people, cost: $ 317.25 (£221)

7. The Haggan Al family from Kuwait

Food for an 8-person family, cost: $ 221.45 (£154)

8. The Casales family from Cuernavaca (Mexico)

Products for 5 people, cost: $ 189.09 (£132)

9. The Dong family from Beijing (China)

Food for a family of 4, cost: $ 155.06 (£108)

10. The Sobczyńskich family from Konstancin-Jeziorna (Poland)

A week’s worth of food for 5 people and a dog, cost: $ 151.27 (£105)

11. The Ahmed family from Cairo (Egypt)

Groceries for 12 people, cost: $ 68.53 (£47)

12. The Batsuuri family from Ulaanbaatar’u (Mongolia)

Food for 4 people, cost: $ 40.02 (£27)

13. The Patkar family from Ujjainu (India)

Groceries for a family of 4, cost: $ 39.27 (£27)

14. The Ayme family from Tingo (Ecuador)

Food for 9 people, cost: $ 31.55 (£22)

15. The Aboubakar family from Breidjing camp in Chad (Sudan)

Groceries for 5 people, it costs $23 (£16)

16. The Namgay family from the village of Shingkhey (Butane)

Food for a 13-person family, the cost is $ 5.03 (£3.52)

Photo sources: Daily Mail & Peter Menzel Photography

Notes: The amounts reported to have cost vary on the 4 websites we checked, the original artists mentions much lower/higher prices for some. The full photographs/comments can be found on what we believe is his Photoshelter account

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