10 ways to make cheaper alcohol taste better

10 ways to make cheaper alcohol taste better

Some of these are a little obvious but others you hopefully haven’t tried before!

  • Chill the alcohol in the freezer, even nasty drinks taste better when chilled
  • Make Vodka Jelly (extra points for LEGO moulds > http://amzn.to/1Fnwpme or http://amzn.to/1BciFhU)
  • Blend your wine… Yes really
  • Just buy cheap good stuff – mid-priced Smirnoff in blind taste tests with posh cocktail and spirit experts was the best-tasting vodka on the market. Maybe try this between you and your mates and then decide.
  • Water Filter / charcoal filter your Vodka or use Charcoal. Charcoal is awesome at filtering out microscopic impurities that affect taste and purity.


  • Buy a bottle of Grenadine – it makes even the poorest of cocktails look decent or make your own to save a few quid
  • Adding a good squeeze of lime, lemon, grapefruit etc juice will make even the poorest of drinks taste nice
  • Buy a bottle of Unique flavour enhancer AKA Angostura Bitters (44.7% alcohol) – found in tons of whiskey & gin cocktails
  • Make an alcohol slush puppy with http://amzn.to/1PyJQpC
  • Learn how to make simple cocktails
    – cheap rum, mix it up with apple juice and pineapple juice
    – cheap gin, lemons, limes, oranges, etc, and add Sprite or Lemonade or tonic etc
    – cider + whiskey = ciderball
    – 1/8 lime juice + 2/8 grapefruit juice + 2/8 cheap tequila + 3/8 soda water/lemonade
    – cheap tequila + orange juice, then add a splash of grenadine AKA cheap mans Tequila Sunrise!
    – Cheeky Vimto = WKD (or unbranded equivalent + shot of port
    – 50ml cheap white rum, 25ml coconut cream, 25ml single cream and 200ml pineapple juice.
    – Long island ice tea – 25ml light rum, 25ml vodka, 25ml gin, 25ml tequila, 50ml lime juice, coke.
    p.s. sites like http://www.drinksmixer.comUK Complex are good for hunting out other ideas

Always remember to drink responsibly!

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