10 ways to upgrade your iPhone on the cheap

10 ways to upgrade your iPhone on the cheap

Here are a 10 products I’ve personally used with my iPhones, they’re all fairly cheap, well reviewed and massively improve the iPhone overall in my opinion.

3-in-1 clip-on lens kit £10.99

The built-in cameras are pretty good but sometimes you need a little more, this set of three lenses contains a 180°Fisheye Lens, 110°Wide Angle Lens & 10X Macro Lens.

iphone-camera-lensBuy from Amazon

Multiple Port High Powered USB Charger £18

If you have multiple devices these are superb, we have one attached to each desk, behind our sofas and next to the bed.

Save up to 2 hours when charging and iPhone 6.


Buy from Amazon

A few 6ft Apple lightning cables £7.99

Adding one of these by your bed and sofa is the single best thing you can do for your phone.

apple-6ftBuy Anker (black) | Buy Amazon (colours)

A small portable battery £12.99

iPhones have tiny batteries compared with our Android brothers, for long days out it’s worth grabbing one of these compact batteries. The one below will charge an iPhone 7 1.5x


Buy from Amazon

Magnetic Phone Holder £12.99

Attached to our cars, gym equipment and bathroom mirrors these small perfectly safe to use near your phone magnets allow you to go hands-free for satnav use in your car or video watching at home.

magneticBuy from Amazon

In-car 24W USB charger £6.99

You may see a common theme with these accessories, power! These small but very powerful 12V USB chargers are great.


Buy from Amazon

Philips Hue Lights (control from phone/Siri) from £59

OK, so these aren’t that cheap but long term they’re good value as they will last much longer than a normal bulb + offer so much more functionality.hue

Buy from Amazon

Bluetooth earphones £19.99

Keep your phone secure in a pocket, bag or armband and use this Bluetooth 4.1 headset to listen to your tunes (50% off Spotify)

bluetooth-headphonesBuy from Amazon | Over the ear decent headset £39.99

Portable Bluetooth Speaker £29.99

These compact speakers pack a pretty decent punch for the money/size.


Buy from Amazon | Want something with more power? Buy this

Mobile Phone Holder £4.99

If you’re going on a plane or train anytime soon then you will love this little holder as it will save your arms!

holderBuy from Amazon

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