The guys behind ‘Stop a Douchebag’

The guys behind ‘Stop a Douchebag’

We often tell people that they should do something in their life that they enjoy, there is no point doing a job you hate. Often people will argue saying “how am I going to make money from doing the thing I love doing?”

Well this is another awesome example of a group of people doing something (generally) good in the world and through the powers of the internet are getting paid for it.

Some will find it a waste of time (and some of you will find some of their content a little over the line) but judging by the comments/subscribers to their channel it’s something the public support, although the money probably isn’t brilliant (mostly YouTube ads), they’re building a movement/career which could lead to various other things. Now with over 17,496,081 views (July 2015) the public obviously are interested.

Can you think of an alternative (preferably safer) UK version of this? If it sounds like something you could do and you would enjoy, then go and do it!

For anyone a bit confused, basically in Russia the roads are so congested that people will drive on footpaths to get around, however the people who walk on these paths hate it and the government (for some crazy reason) doesn’t put up bollards. So they join together (in mostly non-violent) protests until they force the car drivers to reverse back to where they started. If they decide to ignore their requests they stick stickers on their windscreen and ring the Police.

They have become local celebrities with tons of videos and a growing subscription list, check out their full channel on

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