Do what you love and the money will follow

Do what you love and the money will follow

This article is part of ‘Improve yourself‘ a category designed to show ways people may scam you, how companies trick you and most importantly how you can improve your life by doing something you love doing.

We always get asked about quick ways to make money and it’s certainly possible to make some money quickly but the best money is made long term doing something you enjoy.


Do what you love and the money will follow.
– Marsha Sinetar

When you grow old and look back at your life do you want to have enjoyed the majority of your working life or sit and regret it?

Find something you enjoy doing, work hard at becoming the best you can be with it and then start charging people for it.

You might think “It’s easier said that done”, well yes it is but there is nothing to stop you from trying it, most people can do this alongside their normal day-to-day job and then one day when they finally become successful enough they can switch it to become their new full time job. The best thing to do is always have multiple backup plans just in case you get it wrong, have some savings/a job ready to fall back on/family ready to support you because when/if your project fails and remember it might take you 3-5 failed projects before you hit the ‘jackpot’ then you won’t lose everything.

Try and remember that “you never fail, you just learn”, even at your darkest moments of your new career you can sit and look back at all those mistakes and know you certainly won’t ever make those again but we can’t stress this enough you may truly fail (i.e. become bankrupt etc) if you don’t setup precautions/back up plans so ensure that is setup before you start anything.

The Army philosophy of:

  • Proper.
  • Planning and
  • Preparation
  • Prevents
  • Piss
  • Poor
  • Performance.

is a great way to live your business & personal life.

Remember anything that you enjoy doing in your spare time will generally be enjoyed by others and if you can create interesting content (whether that be video, text or image) someone will be interested in it and be either willing to view adverts near your content or willing to pay you to help them.

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Important things to remember with everything we post:

  • If you earn over your personal allowance (currently £12,570 a year) HMRC need to get their % cut (even if the money is in cash or from another country)
  • If you’re working for yourself / earning an income on the side you need to let HMRC know – There are numerous benefits but also some drawbacks
  • You need to always ensure whatever you’re doing is legal and not hurting anyone else – be careful and always think twice
  • Some income streams may require you to have DBS check, licence, insurance or qualifications before you can start to profit from it, do your research.
  • Be careful that any additional income doesn’t compromise your studies or main income/job
  • If you work for a company check your contract, if you don’t inform them you’re working on other side projects outside of work they may have grounds to ownership on this work

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